Mihee Kim

Raina’s “Live to Write” class was a joy to look forward to every week. I have had less than stellar online class experiences in the past, but was more motivated than usual because of the value and care I received during our Sunday afternoon discussions. Raina’s teaching style was compassionate, informed, and at the end of the day, just plain useful for writers at any stage in their careers. From the format of the class, to the interviews and guest speakers, to the assignments she posed and the resources she provided, it was clear early on that I would walk away with methods for living my life as a writer who was new to the idea that I can actually aspire to live as a writer. The small community of that classroom was so supportive and engaged, and I hope to stay in touch with everyone as we all take the skills we learned from Raina and each other into our futures. What a generous and loving mentorship we all received!