A reading list for sabbatical and work plan

For the projects that I have decided to take on, I need to read in a few different areas, including Black Feminism, revolutionary mothering, the lives of women, Critical Race Theory, Indigenous Studies, and some select volumes of poetry.  These are the books that I have with me or that should be arriving soon, should [...]

Resolution check and setting intentions for the future

In 2017, I set as intentions the following:  "resolutions: work less and experience more; be present while working on family future."In 2018, my partner and I developed resolutions together: "1.  do more physical activity together, like walking, swimming, kayaking2.  spend less money on Amazon3.  settle on sabbatical plans and start that journey4.  figure out parenting together5.  save [...]

Updating the Prospectus

The Museum of the African Diaspora is an incredible and inspiring place to be and the galleries aren't even open yet.  Every person I have met has this aura of light around them and such generosity of spirit.  There is an immediate intimacy and friendly welcome, something that I have one experienced here in the [...]

Task list for this weekend

I am always keeping task lists, particularly on Facebook.  It's part of an accountability strategy using social media.  If I have said that I am going to do something, particularly within a public space, I am more likely to get it done.  In addition, I believe in sharing information.  Perhaps in posting about an opportunity [...]

Pop goes the belly

As I've written previously, I haven't had many of the symptoms my dear friends have had, and if I had some, they were pretty mild.  No cravings, morning sickness for literally less than 5 seconds one day, a little blurry vision for two days that cleared away, etc.  Because I went through IVF, though, and with [...]