The Ireland Trip Blog Roll

 Below is the blog roll for the class of students that I am taking in Ireland.  To see the full flow of agendas, you can also click here:  1.     Kassandra Tatea.     Katie Lawson-Gilla.     Abigail Thompsona.     Hunter Hersheya.     https://insidemymind82830659.wordpress.com5.     Rachel Norlinga.     Kaitlin Moorea.     Franchesa Lin Sablana.     Castroa.     Ericka Lacsamanaa. 

Let them fly!

Today what I realized in visiting Youth Hub that I need to give the students the space they need to make errors and figure things out.  I've been on site for just a few hours, and I've had about 3 questions to answer.  Ultimately, they figured much of the information on their own. They are …