The Ireland Trip Blog Roll

 Below is the blog roll for the class of students that I am taking in Ireland.  To see the full flow of agendas, you can also click here:  1.     Kassandra Tatea.     Katie Lawson-Gilla.     Abigail Thompsona.     Hunter Hersheya.     https://insidemymind82830659.wordpress.com5.     Rachel Norlinga.     Kaitlin Moorea.     Franchesa Lin Sablana.     Castroa.     Ericka Lacsamanaa.  [...]

Today I became an elder!

Or so said Milkah at Youth Hub after serving my mother and I coffee and treats.  As she prepared coffee for herself, she asked us if we would like any.  I said yes, not thinking anything of it.  Next thing you know, she had made a table of a chair and served us coffee and [...]

Thinking about the course

I have been thinking deeply about a suggestion that I have received from several students in their individual conferences as well as in the whole group debriefs.  They have felt too torn between their responsibilities with the NGOs and those at Daraja Academy, most saying that they would prefer to devote their time at Daraja [...]

Orangaroni and deficit ideologies

Earlier this afternoon, I posted on Facebook a question along the lines of, what should I call our current president other than his name?  I received a slew of answers:  Twitler, That Man, Chump, the Orange Man, Orangaroni, Donnykins, Apricot Hellbeast, Darth Tangerine, Die Twitter Führer, and others quickly arrived.  In less than two hours, [...]

On impact and chasing sunsets

I need to write about all that has happened in the last few days, but due to fatigue, it may be more list than vivid writing.  After my brief attempt at a post on Saturday, we were on our way to the Permaculture Research Institute.  Interesting fact:  this is another organization that got its start [...]

A presidential inauguration from Kenya

What happened and what I fear happeningYesterday, while I was with students in Kenya, a potential fascist dictator was inaugurated as the president of the United States of the America.  A little over a week ago, my students, in preparation for coming to Kenya, engaged in conversation about what it means to be American, because, [...]

Let them fly!

Today what I realized in visiting Youth Hub that I need to give the students the space they need to make errors and figure things out.  I've been on site for just a few hours, and I've had about 3 questions to answer.  Ultimately, they figured much of the information on their own. They are [...]

What makes Jan Term 180 the trip of a lifetime

Besides the incredible people that we are already meeting, there are a lot of reasons why this trip could be called the trip of a lifetime. We are connecting with organizations like Daraja Academy, The Simama Project, Youth Hub, the Twala Maasai Cultural Center, PRI-Permaculture, Saint Mary's Nyeri, Hope and Homes Recreation Center, and others.  We already had a [...]