Coach: Visioning strategies

On the way to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Where do you envision your writing life taking you? Recently I taught a course with the Kearny Street Workshop: Futurecasting. It was their first online workshop. The premise of the course was for writers to engage in the practice of visioning their futures as writers, to write them [...]

Coach: Knowing your patterns

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash For the last few years, I've been teaching courses around the business and logistics of writing through The Speakeasy Project. The reality is that many MFA programs never talk about the work of living as a writer. Particularly for POC folks who may not have the mentorship support through a MFA program [...]


Soon after the birth of my son, I developed a hashtag, which has started to gain some traction among my friends:  #ThisIsTheBeginningOfAnEssay.  It was an acknowledgement that my energy to write an extended essay is truncated by the energy needed for mothering and partnering.  I have been collecting snippets through Facebook especially, using the hashtag personally, [...]

Nearly two months in wandering

Just a few days after my last One Quote Response, my family and I headed off to Berlin for new adventures, a living exercise, a pointed practice of living a dream.  For several months now, Matteo and and I have been futurecasting, considering what our lives will look like in five, ten, and twenty years.  We [...]