Tech innovation course in Kenya?

Things I'm considering for proposing a Jan Term course in Kenya 2019I am beginning preparation to propose a Jan Term Kenya course for 2019, possibly one focused on technological innovation (computer programming, teaching with technology, cloud storage, and/or game design) so I'm interested in learning about a partner's perspective of our work to this point [...]

A brief recounting of the day

It’s Wednesday, 2:30pm at Daraja Academy as I begin this blog post, though this will be posted much later.  The day began rather early for me.  As usual in a new place and a new bed with new sounds in the night, I woke up at around 3 am and had a little difficulty getting [...]

Monday Recap

There were a number of changes in yesterday’s schedule, but they all turned out for the best.  I have been learning so much about the teachers and their hopes.  One thing that is amazing to me is how many of the teachers have as a personal and professional dream the vision of opening a school. [...]