Changing schedules.

So major changes in the schedule:I’m only going to be able to observe the teachers about one time each.  The schedules have changed pretty drastically today (there was a funeral of one of the beloved staff members, Beatrice), and I haven’t gotten an update as yet.  With that in mind, I’m just hoping to have [...]

Monday Recap

There were a number of changes in yesterday’s schedule, but they all turned out for the best.  I have been learning so much about the teachers and their hopes.  One thing that is amazing to me is how many of the teachers have as a personal and professional dream the vision of opening a school. [...]

Daraja ideas

Every time I come to Daraja, I get ideas for more projects.  It’s a place that encourages collaboration and creative thinking.   Project proposal to Denis and the Media ClubBorrow an iPod Touch and record some of the opening lectures from todayShow this to teachers2 Students from each Form could have this duty for the termUpload [...]

Sketch of PD at Daraja for 5 sessions

Friday, January 8, Session 1Teachers, there will be a LOT of information in these next five sessions, but we will also have practice time.  We are going to engage in a process of reflection, learning, practice, and reflection (individually and with others).  What I am also recommending is that this be broken up, just as [...]