Grief: What kind of ancestor will I be?

Written 12/28/2017Yesterday, I got the call that my dear friend, Wendy Trenum had transitioned.  It was Cat who told me.  We met years ago, brought together by Toytown Germany, an online forum, I think.  We met at the Irish Pub in Bamberg, Germany.  We had all just moved there:  Cat from (can't remember the city) [...]

A love letter to my partner

I knew you were that you could be "the one" from our first date when I was 45 minutes late and you were just about as early.  You weren't phased by the time.  Over a glass of wine and Italian appetizers, we talked about finances, politics, and religion.  I don't know how we got there [...]

I love it when a plan comes together

So I'm an 80s kid.  I grew up watching the A-Team and M*A*S*H and Jem and Rainbow Brite and She-Ra and He-Man and others. Hannibal Smith's famous and often-repeated line was, "I love it when a plan comes together."  And I do, too! The latest plans that are coming together for me and my students are with [...]

Highlights of this winter break

One of the highlights of this winter break was celebrating the holidays with my people out here on the West Coast. Usually, I long for home in Philadelphia around the Christmas season.  Up until my late 20s/early 30s I had never missed a Christmas in Philadelphia.  My grandmother was alive and there were a gazillion traditions [...]

Writing 17 essays in 2 days

OK.  So this is kind of cheating.  Vanessa Mártir's original prompt was to write an essay a week for 52 weeks.  52 essays in a year.  Well, I got behind in September/October when a lot was going on in my life:  directorship, work on boards, the loss of several good friends and mentors in a [...]