I’ve been trying to write this post since early December and here it is now Nochebuena and I’m just getting this done.  

When last I posted, I had the following tasks in progress:  

Tasks in progress
  • Apply for my pre-professor review at my university.   This is due to my readers by September 15 and we are supposed to give feedback by September 29.  
  • Apply for some online teaching positions.
  • Secure my housing for a gig at College of the Redwoods in October.
  • Continue reading for my Intro to Personal Essay Class
  • Work on a new workshop on summoning joy and play to generate new work
  • Write new work for a new collection of poetry I want to submit to Salmon Poetry.  
  • Work on an essay project I want to submit to Nomadic Press.
  • Work on an anthology project I want to submit to Art Público Press and University of Arizona Press.  Let’s be ambitious!
  • Write an essay for VIDA on assigning value to my labor
  • Apply to more residencies and writing opportunities 
  • Send out press kit to universities and colleges for Fall 2019

As part of my work with the MoAD, I also had to do a reflection.  This is what I was able to accomplish as noted for my reflection.  Not bad, not bad.   

I underlined all of the things that I’ve completed since then.  Looking at it here I see that a lot has actually been accomplished.  

I always feel like I haven’t done enough, that there is still so much more to do.  I have to admit that I have been doing a significant amount.  

Things that I worked on while at the Museum of the African Diaspora (it’s been busy):
1.     For ARISE
a.     The workshop descriptions
b.     Full lesson plans
c.     The stations for the museum visit
d.     The Spotify list based on reading The Light of the World
e.     engagement with museum events, including Elizabeth Alexander’s visit, which influenced teaching and tour insights
f.      coordination with Arati Warrier and Trevor Gardner at ARISE as well as Tongo Eisen-Martin
g.     the printed program for the museum visit
h.     the chapbook for the students
i.       read all of the students’ poems that were shared with me
2.     Outside professional tasks
a.     Connected with peers in the MoAD office space on a writing workshop and I learned a lot about the planning for education activities as well as a bit about preparing for exhibition tours
b.     Reviewed submissions and published The Acentos Review November 2018 issue
c.     Wrote two new essays (one of which has been accepted for publication with VIDA)
d.     Wrote a series of poems inspired by the museum
e.     Edited poems
f.      Submissions of poems and essays (I submitted to 6 journals and anthologies; 4 of them have accepted my work)
g.     Prepared and implemented workshops for Mills College, College of the Redwoods, Humboldt State University
h.     Began curating a reading series for the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
i.       Prepared for and read at 8 readings in the Bay Area (one a performance with the John Santos Quintet at Eastside Arts Alliance) and 3 in other parts of California
j.       Started working on The Acentos Review 10th Anniversary anthology
k.     Submitted a job application for a creative writing/English position (and got an interview)
l.       Engaged in writing consultancies for two writers
m.   Submitted artist residencies applications (two in Berlin, one in Hong Kong, two in Ireland; I was accepted to three of those residencies)
n.     Submitted a roundtable abstract for the Society for Utopian Studies conference and it was accepted; chaired that roundtable
o.     Engaged in another roundtable discussion of Afro-Surrealism in Oakland led by Rochelle Spencer
p.     Read several collections of poetry
q.    Worked on and completed an updated press kit (and shared it as well as info on Canva with office colleagues)
r.      Wrote and submitted workshop ideas for university appearances in Italy
s.      Submitted my press kit for review by a poetry group in Como
t.      Worked on the requirements for the Digital Literacy Initiative hosted by Saint Mary’s College
u.     Became an Apple Educator on the Mac (still working on Google Educator and Apple Educator on Ipad certifications)
v.    Participated as panelist in ISTE Digital Equity Youtube Live panel conversation

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