Task list for this weekend

I am always keeping task lists, particularly on Facebook.  It’s part of an accountability strategy using social media.  If I have said that I am going to do something, particularly within a public space, I am more likely to get it done.  In addition, I believe in sharing information.  Perhaps in posting about an opportunity I am pursuing someone on my list might be inspired to apply now or later.  Most of the folks who regularly follow my posts are other writers of color.  Considering that our voices are often marginalized and that rejection can be internalized as feelings of unworthiness, I think on this public posting of aspirations and applications and to-dos as a way to push back on erasure, to resist.  By claiming the importance of my own voice and that I can do whatever-it-is, that I am worthy, I am also hoping that other writers of color and folks from marginalized groups also are activated in their/our flourishing.  We have important work to do and necessary stories to voice.  We deserve to walk with pride wherever we are.   

Tasks for the next few days
Tonight: Work on new press packet (I’m digging Canva for that); read essays for Intro to Personal Essay
Tomorrow: time with baby in the morning; walk to BART; MoAD from 1-5pm; read and provide comments for upcoming consult; email about my Berlin and Cork residencies; work on my pre-professor review; take train home; dinner with all the parents; work on pre-professor review
Saturday: pick up cupcakes; clean house and backyard; make food for Sunday; get dressed for baptism rehearsal; baptism; dinner with parents; read essays for Intro to Personal Essay; cut the postcards for Sunday
Sunday: clean house; spend time with brother and parents; get dressed; prep food for naming ceremony; put out postcards and stamps for political actions; put out papers and string to tie well wishes for R; naming ceremony; food; baby gets a bath; sleep
Monday: plan Europe trip with Matteo; Work on new press packet; read essays for Intro to Personal Essay; pre-professor review work

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