Positive Reflections from an Irish Hospital

As I write this, I an sitting with one of my students at a hospital. Those airplane bugs can be terrible, and when combined wirh confined environments, what we end up with is at least one sick student. I actually think I will tell future colleagues to always budget for 3 sick students. I budgetted for that amount, so as long as we stay healthy from now on, we should be good.

This journey has already been full of adventures. The students arrived at the airport on the 10th by 11 am. We dined. I had student consults that I continued later, after we had gone through security. We were reviewing blogs and digital story testers, just to make sure the fundamental tech parts if the class were in evidence. The students have to post a minimum of 3 blogs and create a culminating digital story by the end of the trip.

Our flight didn’t leave until 4 pm, so the students had lots of time to rest, relax, chat, read, etc. Even more time on the plane.

For me, the ride was uneventful. I watched a few movies that I enjoyed, even one that made me cry in those final moments on the plane. We arrived in London as scheduled and, after a brief kerfuffle at passport control, went to lunch at Wondertree in the Heathrow Airport (which is totally wonderful and my new favorite for staff kindness, food quality, and amount if options for vegetarians, gluten free folk and other allergy sufferers).

Then, our flight to Cork was canceled, which began my dash to get answers and then strategic pulling of students, table by table, from lunch to get their new tickets. Instead of Cork, we would be heading to Shannon on a later flight with a bus from there to Cork. Luckily, our driver took us to City Centre as well, which ended up saving us a few bits on transport (and a lot more time). We ended up eating dinner at 9 pm, 2 hours later than our expected time. All in all, though, not bad.

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