Resolutions for 2017, Resolutions for 2018

Written 12/31

As I was beginning 2017, I set as intentions the following:  

resolutions: work less and experience more; be present while working on family future.”

While I don’t think that I was successful on the working less part, I do think that I had a lot of incredible experiences this past year, some of them joyful and dynamic and some heart-wrenching.  When it came to also working on our family futures, my partner and I both were extremely present and united in this journey together.  

We are at the kitchen table now, thinking on our resolutions for the year.  Here are mine:

1.  do more physical activity together, like walking, swimming, kayaking
2.  spend less money on Amazon
3.  settle on sabbatical plans and start that journey
4.  figure out parenting together
5.  save more money for retirement (which I would like to be sooner rather than later)
6.  be more present and involved with my family and friends

I have some role models who were able to retire early.  They have a young daughter, and what I see is how much attention they can give to her care and academic and artistic growth.  They go on frequent trips together as well.  They as a family are continually immersed in different cultural experiences.  What a wonder in family and in witnessing!

We have some neighbors, too, who, each Saturday, walk to synagogue together as a family holding hands.  Their son must be around 8 or 9 now, and they still hold hands, as a family, going to celebrate their faith together.  Beautiful to witness.  

When I think on how our family grows, I think of how we can be bonded together by experiences and not consuming more materials.  My resolutions are more stem from that intention around community.  It’s not just about me; growing is about us together.  

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