I love it when a plan comes together

So I’m an 80s kid.  I grew up watching the A-Team and M*A*S*H and Jem and Rainbow Brite and She-Ra and He-Man and others. 

Hannibal Smith’s famous and often-repeated line was, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  And I do, too! 

The latest plans that are coming together for me and my students are with Jan Term.  While the budget for the various experiences might seem substantial, when you realize that 18 people are traveling, things become tight very quickly.  I JUST got the confirmation that photographer can demonstrate the wet colloidal process with the student photographers in the group and this was after I got a confirmation that our collaborative artist residency at The Guest House has been approved.  We can use the spaces to write, sing, and create. 

The workshop with Mike Brown is also especially interesting because it offers the photographers an introduction to a specialized process that they might explore at the Platform3Photo Labs for themselves as they craft arts as resistance work.  Imagine portraits or landscapes done with a process that hasn’t been used extensively in over a hundred years.  What would that say about holding on to traditions and the past, sustainability and legacies for the future?  What would that say about the loss within our vibrant ecosystems and the struggle to preserve them? 

Plans, though, are coming together to give the students multiple opportunities to learn from Cork artists.   It’s pretty exciting to see what’s happening and what I’ve been able to set up.  Now, I need to just set up a workshop for the visual artists and one, ideally, for the hip hop artist and then all of the disciplines in the group would be represented. 

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