The ekphrastic poem

This weekend I had the great fortune of reading at the Berkeley Art Museum, invited by Sharon Coleman and MK Chavez.  I was invited a few weeks back.  It required writing in response to the art represented in the museum.

How does one write to art?  For me, the process began by going to the museum, taking pictures, writing notes.  Over the week I gave myself to write, I thought on the pieces that I wanted to explore in words.  My favorite is the one below:

The peacock comes with LSD In Search of the Golden City
            After Isaac Abrams, 1965
Imagine every flicker of eye :
a garden of hands, upturned and begging
to caress your secret places,
paint your wiry in lapis tinge
and within each petal :
shadow cut mountain,
exhaling in rock slide,
followed by inhale, flavored
by lightning kissed ozone
don’t try to make sense of sacrament
where the trip takes you
is where waterfalls begin
rushing and cool at crevice
shooting out between lush green
yes, that is the twinned face
your father’s mother painted in corn
or Tuscan sun or daffodil
yellow in glamouring light
her heads ride Dijon waves
she is saying be punk
pray nice
and yes, that is an egg,
holding a black hole,
holding a distant yellow sun,
which pulses the forgotten
names of the cells before sludge
before you
yes a poppy, a sunflower, a razor sharp
fan beneath a child’s attempt at pretty
imagine the paper darma
pleasure tab beneath the tongue
rolled high to tickle the palate
for palette fund
these spirits calling your
jack rabbit eyes to see
the truth of the matter

the sense in and of yes

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