Tech innovation course in Kenya?

Things I’m considering for proposing a Jan Term course in Kenya 2019

I am beginning preparation to propose a Jan Term Kenya course for 2019, possibly one focused on technological innovation (computer programming, teaching with technology, cloud storage, and/or game design) so I’m interested in learning about a partner’s perspective of our work to this point and projections for the future.  Considering that Matteo has an interest in augmented reality and computer programming, it might be interesting for a group of students at Daraja to think about game design, augmented reality, and computer programming … maybe.  Could be an interesting course for Daraja students and SMC computer science and creative writing/art/music majors, folks that could be a part of a game design team and matched with a few students in the creation of a short game (starting with Scratch) and then moving to something more complex.  

Some articles that I just found that I’m saving for the future.  

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