Today I became an elder!

Or so said Milkah at Youth Hub after serving my mother and I coffee and treats.  As she prepared coffee for herself, she asked us if we would like any.  I said yes, not thinking anything of it.  Next thing you know, she had made a table of a chair and served us coffee and treats saying that it was rooted in deep cultural tradition that only the youngest of babies don’t observe, that of serving coffee or tea to one’s elders.

Today, I became an elder.

I don’t know how one is supposed to feel about becoming an elder, but I am actually ecstatic.  I have lived long enough to become an elder!  I am seen as one who merits respect, and all I feel that I have done at Youth Hub was meet the coordinator and come to supervise/be available to the students who are partnered here.  Students who are doing a phenomenal job without any support needed from me. They were fully welcomed into the community here and have given so much time and energy to their website and video creation project.

May I continue to grow into my elder status.  35 and an elder?!  Who knew!  

Of course, in just a few months I’ll be 36.  🙂  Definitely elder status.

I suppose this is another way of #chasingsunsets.  The best ones, that is.  🙂

I am reminded of a student I had years ago when I was teaching in Bamberg, Germany:  Symone Elder.  Then she was in 8th grade, but now she’s a grown up.  I just remember one email that I received from her with one of her writing assignments attached.  Her parting was, “Respect your elders,” which I thought was so cute!  “Respect your elders, Symone Elder”  Of course!

I suppose I could use that closing now that I have elder status.

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