Let them fly!

Today what I realized in visiting Youth Hub that I need to give the students the space they need to make errors and figure things out.  I’ve been on site for just a few hours, and I’ve had about 3 questions to answer.  Ultimately, they figured much of the information on their own.

They are showing themselves to be collaborative in their work, listening fully to one another and their site partners.  It’s wonderful to witness … and to know when not to witness and let them do it.

So, next week, I intend on going to Simama and Hope and Homes for site visits with the teams but then returning to Daraja to connect with teachers there, as I always hope to do.  I’m thinking Hope and Homes on Tuesday with the team as they show the site leaders the website that they have created and Simama on Wednesday.  Thursday of next week, I can connect with Daraja and possibly do a workshop for teachers or students on the following Wednesday before we leave the country.

In the meantime, I’m going to let those students fly!


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