Last of my updates

Today, I woke up; played with the dog; walked the dog; practiced recall with Fénix and Matteo; walked the long way home; started working on the scratched out items; completed my time analysis (13 out of 14 days) and sent to the Faculty Women’s Group; corresponded with students; drove to Lavande for appointment; went to acupuncturist; drove home; let in the dog; tried to meet with a student, but she forgot; met with another student; recorded videos in response to the student questions from Professor Crisler; processed them and sent them on

COMPLETED: create the video responses using Swivl;  post Cleave bios; set up health appointment to see if I need rabies vaccine because we are going on safari;  email about the Alumni committeesend an email to the Cleave readers for the October 14 and 15 readingsconfirm Hedgebrook participation with Joanne; set up Honda appointmentconsider submitting a course proposal to the MAIT (though doubtful since I have a lot of other things I’m taking on)[Considered and decided not to submit a proposal, though I have been advocating for this for years]; try to set up Faculty of Color social events again [decided not to take this on]; craft my agenda for the Ireland trip; craft the Community Group reading list

UPCOMING:  print my poems for tomorrow’s reading; give feedback on a student’s capstone project (Part 1); submit all of my receipts for the PD I’ve already done and is upcoming; update my grades for my classes; email my friend on sabbatical; review my proposed teaching schedule for the next few years; email the provost about a certificate program and funding for a program that would allow people to report out on the work in a community reading and action group on campus; work on reviewing Lauren’s, Siavash’s, and La’Vonnda’s different manuscripts; create a “challenge” protocol for students in the SSTE program; craft the part-time faculty syllabus and guidelines on our program; respond to Mami’s letter; submit poems; go back to my submissions list; look for fellowships; work on my Better Together speech from the summer to send out; work on processing my research on Kenyan teachers; do a P&W pitch on the work of Tara Betts; 

In the new year:  
set up a call for the Cleave readers for a small book project; send proposals to three universities for readings and lectures in  2017 and 2018; start working on 10th anniversary anthology for Acentos Review; apply for a Fulbright; look into Semester at Sea professorship; apply for book fairs

Upcoming Ireland plans:  
11/22 leave from SFO to Cork through Heathrow.  I have a 3 hour layover in London, so not long enough to lave the airport.  I arrive in Cork at 3:20pm on 11/23
11/23 Wednesday – Staying an AirBnB apartment in Cork City
11/24 Thursday –  NEED A PLACE TO STAY
11/25 Friday – I travel on a morning bus to Skibereen, Co. Cork to do a workshop and reading at Working Artist Studios with Paul and Marie.
11/26 I take the morning bus back to Cork to do readings with Winter Warmer festival on Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll be staying at a bed and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday night.  Saturday Winter Warmer Festival
11/27 Sunday Winter Warmer
11/28 I leave Cork for SFO through Heathrow, leaving at 11:50am.  I have a shorter layover (just 2 hours) and arrive in SFO by 11/28 at 6:20pm

PD for this year
Canto Mundo (July)
Macondo (July)
Curriculum Study Commission (October)
CCTE (October)
AWP (February)CCTE (March)

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