Accounting for my time for 13 out of the last 14 days

Out of 184.05 hours accounted for out of 208 waking hours (allowing for 8 hours of sleep per night, though I know very well that I often don’t get that), it has become clear that my time is skewed towards a personal life and teaching.  While I generally expect to have done an extreme amount of service, it does not pan out in my analysis of the last few weeks.  Even if I account for service and university-affiliatated tasks as one category, then 29.55 hours were collectively spent on tasks that are not in teaching or scholarship, which are the two most powerfully regarded categories in terms of rank and tenure.  The hours devoted to my scholarship are absolutely pitiful; I have a hope that this will change after my literacy class is complete in 4 more weeks, but I’m not actually certain that it will.

What’s become clear from this exercise, which would be complete tomorrow but which I am ending today to supply the information to the Faculty Women’s Group, is how absolutely unbalanced my schedule is.  While my personal life should definitely remain as strong a category as it has been, the remaining hours should be split more evenly at the very least.

Here’s the thing.  When you account for the amount of work hours that are in a regular two-week schedule (eight hours per day for five days in a week and over two weeks), my working hours should be 80.  If you account for what the university schedule generally says (between 32 and 36 hours per week) and over two weeks, the amount of hours devoted to university tasks should be be between 64 and 72 hours.  As I am ending this accounting a day early, the regular work hours should be 72 hours for a regular week of 9 days (still allowing that the university week is generally 4 days a week without administrative duties).  

In 13 days (and I haven’t even finished my last day of tracking), I have devoted 108.8 hours, by my reckoning, to teaching, scholarship, service, and university-affiliated tasks.

75.25 74.25 5 13.8 15.75

Let’s give context:  108.8 hours out of 208 total waking hours (13*16).

Now, the reality is that I know that I have undercounted the amount of hours spent during a week on university tasks (teaching, scholarship, service, and other tasks).  I generally do not sleep 8 hours; it’s usually closer to 6 hours or less a night.  I am often working from 9am until 2am.  With that in mind, I multiplied the total hours (184.05) by 1.25, which brought me to 230.0625 hours (with allows for something like 6.303 hours of sleep per night).  If I do that for the total amount of hours for which I have accounted, then I could also multiply separately the total hours in teaching, scholarship, and service by 1.25 to give me a closer approximate of my hours spent on university tasks

75.25 74.25 5 13.8 15.75

Multiplying by 1.25

94.0625 92.8125 6.25 17.25 19.6875

TOTAL of 136 hours to Teaching, Scholarship, Service, and University-affiliated tasks

Again, that’s 136 hours out of a total 208 waking hours, which is closer to what I estimate my time to really be.

Still, if you go by just 108.8 out of 208 waking hours as what I’ve accounted for, and if I only worked 8 hours a day for 13 days, that would be 104 hours total that should be taken up by work.  That would not take into account the 4 days that of that accounting that were weekends.  Again, if just going by an average 8 hour work day for 9 days would mean that I should be working 72 hours in 13 days.

I’m deeply troubled by my recent observations. 

I’m going to bed.  I don’t know what else to write on this.  

Upcoming:  create the video responses using Swivl; update my grades for my classes; post Cleave bios; set up health appointment to see if I need rabies vaccine because we are going on safari; set up Honda appointment; email about the Alumni committee; give feedback on a student’s capstone project (Part 1); work on book examples; send an email to the Cleave readers for the October 14 and 15 readings; Set up a call for the Cleave readers for a small book project; craft my agenda for the Ireland trip; email my friend on sabbatical; review my proposed teaching schedule for the next few years; send the search committee more articles on diversity hiring; reach out to R&T potential letter writers; email the provost about a certificate program and funding for a program that would allow people to report out on the work in a community reading and action group on campus; craft the Community Group reading list; work on reviewing Lauren’s, Siavash’s, and La’Vonnda’s different manuscripts; set up a time to meet with a colleague who will be teaching the Foundations class this January under our new proposed schedule; submit my professional development proposal to David this year; submit all of my receipts for the PD I’ve already done and is upcoming (I’m owed around $2000 from the conferences this summer for university support, because I haven’t had a moment to fill out paperwork in weeks); consider submitting a course proposal to the MAIT (though doubtful since I have a lot of other things I’m taking on); create a “challenge” protocol for students in the SSTE program; craft the part-time faculty syllabus and guidelines on our program; confirm Hedgebrook participation with Joanne; respond to Mami’s letter; submit poems; go back to my submissions list; look for fellowships; work on my Better Together speech from the summer to send out; work on processing my research on Kenyan teachers; do a P&W pitch on the work of Tara Betts;  Send proposals to three universities for readings and lectures in Spring and Fall of 2017; start working on 10th anniversary anthology for Acentos Review; apply for a Fulbright; look into Semester at Sea professorship; apply for book fairs; try to set up Faculty of Color social events again; set up Cleave book list

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