Breaking up imbalance with balance

Just wanted to post that I have a few events coming up where I am reading, which is pretty exciting for me.  October and April are always incredibly heavy months for me with a lot of readings and events, conferences, workshops, teaching.  

I think it needs saying that it’s generally a month skewed towards everything but a personal life.  This year I’m trying to make a change, though, and trying to build in at least one date night with my partner and one day of exercise (bike riding, meditation in motion, walking, yoga, whatever) into my life.  I’m always seeing the posts of poets like Barbara Jane Reyes, who seems to make time each weekend for epic hikes.  I’m trying to take a page from her book and build in some contemplative space, space that involves the body and the mind.  

Tomorrow:  I’m planning a walk on the beach before the epic drive home.  

Below are the upcoming readings.  I’m going to try and build in some physical activity on those days as well.  

  • Kim Addonizio

  • Malachi Black

  • Douglas Kearney

  • Raina J. León

  • Julia Levine

  • Javier Zamora 
  • Lyndsey Ellis
  • Jenny Bitner
  • Jacque Gothard
  • Raina Leon
  • Giovanna S. Capone
  • Nicole Henares

October 15, 2016, 7:15-8:15pm, hosting at Mission Pie, 2901 Mission Street, San Francisco Litquake Lit Crawl, reading of Cleave:  Bay Area Women Writers with Sara Marinelli,Pireeni Sundaralingham, Aja Couchois Duncan, Elizabeth Montoya

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