Day 8: Tracking workload (Im)balance

Plain text for personal life.  BOLD for teaching (which also includes advising and class prep).  ITALICS for scholarship.  UNDERLINE for service.  STRIKE THROUGH for university-afiliated things.

breakfast; short walk with the dog; dress; write up my observation notes for my student; emailed Jan Term studentsconferred with colleagues to get Pcard for purchasesmeet with the second masters capstone student on her project; meeting with a Literacy student; post-observation call with supervised student; emailed another student about her missing class; emailed another Kenya studentworked on agenda for search committee meetingrewatched Akeelah and the Bee for class; cancelled my Christmas celebrations; emailed about upcoming readingdrove onto campus; print out the agendas for my search committee meeting; finished Akeelah and the Beesearch committee meeting (which was super good)picked up my Literacy copieswent over the agenda two more times; made sure that I had all the copies; emailed a student about setting up a meeting; set up a call to do a small publishing project; emailed about another Jan Term class I’m supporting; taught literacy; drove home; had dinner with Matteo

Tomorrow:  KSOE faculty meeting; meeting with a student; teaching literacy class; observation

Ongoing list:  
Give feedback on a student’s capstone project (Part 1); work on book examples; send an email to the Cleave readers for the October 14 and 15 readings; Set up a call for the Cleave readers for a small book project; create the video responses using Swivl; create and email Paul a workshop idea for the reading I’m doing in Ireland; craft my agenda for that trip; email my friend on sabbatical; review my proposed teaching schedule for the next few years (because I planned something like 5 years in advance, because we want to have kids and there is no consistent maternity policy practice); send the search committee more articles on diversity hiring; reach out to R&T potential letter writers; email the provost about a certificate program and funding for a program that would allow people to report out on the work in a community reading and action group on campus; craft the Community Group reading list; work on reviewing Lauren’s, Siavash’s, and La’Vonnda’s different manuscripts; set up a time to meet with a colleague who will be teaching the Foundations class this January under our new proposed schedule; submit my professional development proposal to David this year; submit all of my receipts for the PD I’ve already done and is upcoming (I’m owed around $2000 from the conferences this summer for university support, because I haven’t had a moment to fill out paperwork in weeks); consider submitting a course proposal to the MAIT (though doubtful since I have a lot of other things I’m taking on); create a “challenge” protocol for students in the SSTE program; craft the part-time faculty syllabus and guidelines on our program; confirm Hedgebrook participation with Joanne; respond to Mami’s letter; submit poems; go back to my submissions list; look for fellowships; work on my Better Together speech from the summer to send out; work on processing my research on Kenyan teachers; do a P&W pitch on the work of Tara Betts;  Send proposals to three universities for readings and lectures in Spring and Fall of 2017; start working on 10th anniversary anthology for Acentos Review; apply for a Fulbright; look into Semester at Sea professorship; apply for book fairs; try to set up Faculty of Color social events again; set up Cleave book list

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