Day 6: Tracking Workload (Im)balance

Plain text for personal life.  BOLD for teaching (which also includes advising and class prep).  ITALICS for scholarship.  UNDERLINE for service.  STRIKE THROUGH for university-afiliated things.

woke up; played with the dog; had tea with my husband; last night (unaccounted for in previous blog), emailed about participating in a virtual reality professional development session; called in for the Faculty of Color leadership team meeting; drove to campus while meeting in the conference call; emailed my colleague about setting up the agenda for an upcoming workshop on English Learners in my Literacy class; worked on my literacy Agendas for this week and next week; put in the copies for the Literacy class this week; listened to one song from “A Seat at the Table” album by Solange; bought materials for the Radical Publishing workshop; watched two videos for the Radical Publishing workshop; put in the paperwork to get a guest speaker to tonight’s session paid; went to the Urban Ed Working Group meeting, which has dissolved to become the Teacher Education Research Group; met with Elizabeth to talk about her being the guest speaker in my Literacy class next week over lunch (realized that I haven’t had a lunch when I wasn’t working for I don’t know how long); a colleague asked me about upcoming readings (noted below); walked to FAH with Elizabeth and talked about classes and evaluations and teaching; find out that there is no heat in the building, which is why I’m running my heater directly on my face today, the one I’m not supposed to have, but allows my hands to not become so frozen in my office that I can’t move them to type; was asked if I would like to be on the search for the new dean of undergraduate programs and said (yes, if KSOE representation is needed and I’m the only one who can serve, but no, if I really have a choice)called Delta to make sure we have the right numbers for our student count for the Kenya trip; made a Google Form and sent it to students to get the needed information for reservations; emailed with the chief financial officer about the class; emailed a former student to offer to give advice on his next steps (he’s thinking about entering into teacher education as a field); emailed a student to move a meeting by a half hour (I’m her masters capstone chair), because I’m observing a class at Berkeley High tomorrow; sent Elizabeth the Literacy agenda we discussed for her to fill in what I missed; emailed one of the Kenya class students about the Google form; reread Understanding by Design to prepare for tonight’s class; printed and copied important pages that might need to be explained to the students; sent my colleague permission to use my Day 1 as an example for others tracking their workload; sent the dean my agendas (teacher and the two student agendas) for this Wednesday and Thursday); emailed my student to ask for his lesson plan, because that is supposed to come in 24 hours in advance so that I can give him feedback; made sure that my friend could get in to walk the dog as we changed the house code again;  review my notes two more times for class; teach the class; post the links from Dr. Don Romesburg’s presentation to the Edmodo site; email a student to get her “Seating Olympics” to share with the class; share this resource via Edmodo; send resource on the KSOE lesson plan to a studentdrive home; email with Jeanne, our chief financial officer, about getting a PCard and setting up resources for the Jan Term course; email a Jan Term student about vaccinations; craft a packing list for Kenya; send this list to students; post Jan Term resources to the Google Classroom site; email with my former R&T chair about challenges in my process; email the guest speaker to share that he received much loves from a student; work on the agendas for the Radical Publishing Workshop; eat dinner with Matteo; completed paperwork for PCard; emailed Jeanne about that paperwork; emailed Daraja academy about the upcoming course; emailed the students with Health and Wellness Center information; drank a glass of wine.  

Also, I need an intern-collaborator, someone who wants to be a scholar-poet and so is willing to shadow one for a month or two.  

Upcoming readings 
1.     October 12, 2016 Mill Valley Litquake at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA, Poetry World series with Kim Addonizio, Raina León, Javier Zamora, Malachi Black, Douglas Kearney, Julia Levine
2.     October 14, 2016, 7-9pm, hosting Cleave:  Bay Area Women Writers series at the Octopus Literary Salon, featuring Sharon Coleman, MK Chavez, Christina Springer, Joanne Furio

3.    October 15, 2016, 7:15-8:15pm, Mission Pie, 2901 Mission Street, San Francisco Litquake Lit Crawl, hosting a reading of Cleave:  Bay Area Women Writers with Sara Marinelli, Pireeni Sundaralingham, Aja Couchois Duncan, Elizabeth Montoya
Ongoing list:  
create and email Paul a workshop idea for the reading I’m doing in Ireland; craft my agenda for that trip; email my friend on sabbatical; write my agendas for the next two weeks of Literacy; review my proposed teaching schedule for the next few years (because I planned something like 5 years in advance, because we want to have kids and there is no consistent maternity policy practice); send the search committee more articles on diversity hiring; reach out to R&T potential letter writers; email the provost about a certificate program and funding for a program that would allow people to report out on the work in a community reading and action group on campus; craft the Community Group reading list; work on reviewing Lauren’s, Siavash’s, and La’Vonnda’s different manuscripts; set up a time to meet with a colleague who will be teaching the Foundations class this January under our new proposed schedule; submit my professional development proposal to David this year; submit all of my receipts for the PD I’ve already done and is upcoming (I’m owed around $2000 from the conferences this summer for university support); consider submitting a course proposal to the MAIT (though doubtful since I have a lot of other things I’m taking on); create a “challenge” protocol for students in the SSTE program; craft the part-time faculty syllabus and guidelines on our program; confirm Hedgebrook participation with Joanne; respond to Mami’s letter; submit poems; go back to my submissions list; look for fellowships; work on my Better Together speech from the summer to send out; work on processing my research on Kenyan teachers; do a P&W pitch on the work of Tara Betts;  Send proposals to three universities for readings and lectures in Spring and Fall of 2017; start working on 10th anniversary anthology for Acentos Review; apply for a Fulbright; look into Semester at Sea professorship; apply for book fairs

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