Day 4 and 5: Tracking Workload (Im)balance

Plain text for personal life.  BOLD for teaching (which also includes advising and class prep).  ITALICS for scholarship.  UNDERLINE for service.  STRIKE THROUGH for university-afiliated things.

Rest in the morning; breakfast bike ride with Matteo; applied for the Amy Lowell Fellowship; brunch at Johnny B’s Cafe; bike ride; dressed; prep for the radical publishing workshop (videos); doggy obedience classes; walk the dog; head to reading at Nomadic Press; book release of profeta without refuge; drive to Gualala for rest

rest in the morning; breakfast frittata with the chef Matteo; time with the family; beach with the dog and a hike; dreaming of 5-year plans; travel back home; lunch; rest; watching Luke Cage while working on my Literacy Agendas; Finished plan for Session 6 of Literacy; rewatched all the videos for Literacy; started planning session 7 for Literacy

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