Day 1: Tracking Workload (Im)Balance

There is a call at my university for women to keep track of our responsibilities throughout the day.  Folks have been asked to track for one week.  I decided to do this for three, though I generally do this anyway through my Facebook posts.  Since my blog is linked to my Twitter and then to my Facebook (social media streamlining), I’ve decided to track here.

Plain text for personal life.  BOLD for teaching (which also includes advising and class prep).  ITALICS for scholarship.  UNDERLINE for service.  STRIKE THROUGH for university-afiliated things.  

Yesterday (Wednesday 9/28):
I woke up and attempted to stay woke; had breakfast with the husband; worked on my course planning for my Literacy class; re-read an article, three chapters on discourse analysis, and two chapters on vocabulary instruction in prep for the class; emailed one of the letter writers for my tenure case; walked the dog; put on the Pandora Miles Davis channel for her, because she gets nervous; drove to work and spoke with my dad about the difficulties of the rank and tenure process; made copies of the 5 or 6 different handouts I’m using in my Literacy class; ran to lunch; bought lunch and ate about 5 bites; got CSA produce from great friends who have too much; went to the SMC President’s talk on campus; went to my office; answered emails from students panicked about learning about my Kenya class; met with two students about Kenya (I think they will register); corresponded with the Jan Term committee to make sure this class is a go (praying it is); sent an email to Framingham State University (who never sent me my diploma two years ago, which I realized as I prepared to decorate my office); thought about decorating my office, which we know is going to take two more years; realized that I have actually been on 7 searches for positions (4 R&T; 1 adjunct; 1 staff; and now Rank and Tenure search I’m chairing), which I avoided thinking about because that’s 7 in 6 years and some of my colleagues may have been on as many in their entire careers; thought about the labor of that; decided that I was wise to have avoided giving a specific number to that work all these years; emailed a colleague on sabbatical right now; canceled my acupuncture appointment tomorrow because life requires more rest than even the fitful rest I get on that table; made myself a list of things to do for the rest of the day; taught my class; witnessed such great honesty about deficit based thinking around self and community language practices and also the struggle that students deal with when thinking about challenging their own ideologies; went to the MFA reading (AWESOME); drove a friend home; drove home myself; finished my notes for my first observation of a candidate this semester; did a surface review of job applications for the search I’m chairing; looked at a fellowship opportunity I want to apply for; agreed to track my schedule for the next three weeks for the Faculty Women’s Group (I do it anyway); bought supplies for next week’s Radical Publishing workshop.

By the way, Wednesday is supposed to be one of my light days.

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