Scheduling updates

For the times when you don’t have time to really reflect:

today: went to Napa with my partner to do a wine tasting at Merryvale (dog-friendly winery in St. Helena), wrote a bunch of emails about the search committee I’m chairing, set up meetings, got a room for one meeting, crafted a handout for my TL1 class.

to-do tomorrow: write my agendas for Literacy, grade for Literacy, get a room for the October search committee meeting, email the students on my list for Kenya, start assembling things to apply for NALAC, start assembling things for other applications, connect my people in Arcata to possibly do a visit there in the Spring, send a possible set list to Mindy.

Tomorrow’s agenda looks like: feed and walk the dog, meet with colleague to review our TL1 agenda, Teacher Ed department meeting, meeting with colleague to check in about Lasallian work, meet with a student to talk about Kenya, teach TL1 with Cliff, drive home, eat something, maybe do the first page of our wedding album (because it’s been almost a year, and we still don’t have one). Oh, yeah. I’m supposed to eat a few somethings in there.

Major events of this week: conferencing with students about Kenya, meeting with Oral History committee for West Catholic, first Committee on Teaching and Learning meeting, teaching, first observation at Berkeley High, doing the invocation at the faculty dinner.

I need to get better about planning times to rest.

I haven’t written anything other than lesson plans in weeks.

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