Tasks for Spring Break

  1. Write my lesson plans for the next two weeks of Seminar
  2. Write my lesson plans for the next two weeks of TL1
  3. Grade for Seminar (all 20 papers by Sunday
  4. Read a few books in preparation for writing remarks for AWP
  5. Write my remarks for AWP
  6. Read a few books in prep for Contemporary Poetry Class
  7. Write some initial remarks and thoughts for the first class I’m supposed to be co-leading in a few weeks.  
  8. Decide what book I’m going to review for my Contemporary Poetry Class.  (I think I’m going to focus on Paul Casey’s new book)
  9. Write poems for the upcoming packet for Workshop.  I’m turning in a number of things for April 13, which means I need to really have it done by April 6.  
  10. Rework some of the poems for my thesis.  Look through what I’ve written and bring in those orphaned poems, if possible.  
  11. Identify some places to send poems, residencies, and possible visiting professorships.  
  12. Get applications together for residencies and visiting professorships. 
  13. Set up landscaping for the house.  
  14. Follow up on my upcoming Cuba trip.  
  15. Communicate with Daraja about plans for this course I just got approved.  Communicate with travel agencies to secure a particular pricing for travel.  
  16. Review the documents for Jan Term recruitment and information sharing practices.  
  17. Review my AWP schedule to make sure that I have time to work.  
  18. Reach out to my sub for the last week of March to let him know about my process for tracking participation, agenda structure, the roles of the student leader in leading the class, and general structures in the class.  
  19. Help out my sister after her recent surgery.  
  20. Prepare for and do a reading in Uniontown.  
  21. Prepare for and possibly do a workshop and host an open mic in Uniontown on Tuesday.
  22. Watch court shows and relax.
I think that’s it.  
I also recognize that’s a lot, and I really need break to just do nothing.  

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