Updates on a Thursday and imagining in the future

Thursday: Stretches; Prep for Seminar; Have sign ups for hours; Seminar; Visiting Professor meeting for poetry; Attend presentation by a colleague; 
Office hours 2-4pm (Meet with 3 students); Finish the TL 1 paper review and review the agenda; Teach TL1 (4:30-6:15); head home by 6:30; Read and grade the TL1 assignments; send an email to my seminar students to have them sign up for required conferences; dinner with the husband.

Friday: Doctor for my upper lumbar issues; doc to get an adult polio vaccine; read for seminar; Berkeley to hear “Found in Translation: A Reading of Sa’di by Mahmoud Rezvani”; prep for upcoming reading; call a landscaping expert to help us with the garden and prep for my garden celebration 35th birthday.

Still to do:  start doing reading on student ethnography papers; the reading for my Seminar class (Reading Rites for 4 students and Seminar Papers); postcard for book; drop off donations; dry cleaning; apply for new passport; Seminar Capstone Projects for the first half of my class of 20; write a student rec; email Jyoti about her translation; work on my presentation for AWP; plan the materials that I’m going to take to AWP; write new poems; prepare my packet for my MFA workshop; read for Contemporary Poetry; plan my questions for my first Contemporary Poetry session; write the agendas for the next two weeks of Seminar; write the agendas for the next 3 weeks of TL1; reach out to travel agencies around my Jan Term course to Kenya (which was approved); get the CV of my mom to be a volunteer for the Jan Term course; apply for some fellowships; write a new artist statement; write a new proposal for a project (residencies)

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