Check in for the new week

My week’s are always super crazy.  This is nothing new, but there are some spaces for me to do regular things like go to the dry cleaners and to a doctor.  Usually, I don’t have time for even that.  It’s week 6 in my semester.  I think that by week 8 or 9 I might actually be able to go on a walk with my husband in the morning (family time and exercise combined).

Here’s what week 6 looks like:  

Done today: Chiropractor, wrote a poem; read my Contemporary Poetry book; did reading for Seminar for this week; wrote agendas for this week for Seminar; meeting for board on teacher trajectory; Sent email to community group on upcoming discussion; ID synopsis (did that over the weekend); blog entry for mailing list; add two names to mailing list; review my agenda for TL 1;

Still to do: start doing reading on student ethnography papers; do the reading for my Seminar class (Reading Rites for 4 students); postcard for book

Tomorrow: drop off donations; dry cleaning; apply for new passport; print off poems for Wednesday; Seminar Capstone Projects for the first half of my class of 20; meet with R&T chair; teach Seminar; thesis initial meeting; co-host Faculty Women’s Group coffee; drive home and take BART to ARISE; write a student rec; meeting with a student to discuss capstone project; review docs for MAIT 403 and do some thinking on some readings; re-read the article for the discussion group
Wednesday: Community Group readings; SSTE meeting (last half hour); Poetry tutorial; lunch; MAIT 403 meeting; Read Seminar Papers; poetry class; Read more Seminar papers;
Thursday: Prep for Seminar; Have sign ups for hours; Seminar; Office hours; Visiting Professor meeting for poetry; Finish the TL 1 paper review and review the agenda; Teach TL1 (4:30-6:15); head home by 6:30; prep my bag for upcoming poetry readings (20 copies of the new book, 10 copies of 1st book, remaining copies of 2nd book).
Friday: Doctor for my upper lumbar issues; Supervisor meeting on campus; doc to get an adult polio vaccine; read for seminar; Berkeley to hear “Found in Translation: A Reading of Sa’di by Mahmoud Rezvani”; prep for upcoming reading

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