Monday Recap

There were a number of changes in yesterday’s schedule, but they all turned out for the best.  I have been learning so much about the teachers and their hopes.  One thing that is amazing to me is how many of the teachers have as a personal and professional dream the vision of opening a school.  ALL of them are SO dedicated and called to be educators and put their whole beings into the art and science of teaching.  Many of them are committed to also participating in more study, interested in pursuing masters and doctorate degrees.  It’s thrilling to learn more from these teachers.   I’m really looking forward to playing the audio back, transcribing, and looking for trends in the interviews.  So far, I’ve conducted 5 (Teachers C, M, My, W, and G) interviews with one to finish this evening.  I have 3 observations scheduled, teacher support, and PD scheduled for today.   
6:00 wake up
6:30 work on a handout for the teachers on Educreations (signing up and how to create that initial inspirational message)
7:00 Breakfast (Interview with Teacher G – turned out I had the time wrong; We spoke int he afternoon. )
7:45 Flag Ceremony (it happens every Monday)
8:00 Observation of Math, C, Form 3  (I read the schedule incorrectly so there was no interview at this time)  
8:45 Interview with C in the Dining Hall  (We rescheduled for Wednesday)
9:30 Interview with W in the Dining Hall
10:15 Tea Break 
10:30 Interview with M in the Dining Hall
11:15 Interview with C 
12:45 Lunch (head over to Global Platform to check in on that phone)
1:25 Observe History for Form 3 (Teacher M)
2:10 Prep for the PD – Make sure the Agenda copies are made and the Educreations handout is available.  Ended up having a short rest in my banda after writing some notes to myself.  
3:25 Interview with Teacher G.
3:50 Observation of Computers, Dc, Form 4  No Observation on this class will be possible as they are doing their CAT exams this week.  
4:35 – 5:45 For Teacher PD
6:00 Dinner
6:30 GHangout with Matteo
7:30 head back 
Work on the syllabus for Foundations
6:30 Wake up 
7:00 Breakfast
7:15 Prep for PD
8:00 Observation of part of Bio, C, Form 3  Decided to observe Teacher C on Wednesday.  
8:45 Interview with My
Prep for PD and writing the blog
10:30 Interview with Dc
11:15 Observation G, Chemistry, Form 3
12:00 Observation of Biology, My, Form 4
2:10 Observation of G, Math, Form 3
2:55 Prep for PD and work with C on finding Physics resources.  
4:35 – 5:45 For Teacher PD
6:00 Dinner
6:30 GHangout with Matteo
7:30 head back 
Work on the syllabus for Foundations
Wednesday:  We will be going to Spinners and Weavers and the Simama Project

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