And so it begins … the list of things to do

Compose the CFG list   January 6
Send out for funding on CCIE for two books   January 6
Set up CFG rooms   January 6
Send out CFG Notice
Submit Internship Approval for The Acentos Review
Kenya research
Write article from research
Craft my seminar 104 syllabus

Email my Foundations and TL 1 students to add themselves onto Edmodo  January 6
Craft my daily lessons for Foundations and the first three weeks of TL 1

Craft my Foundations and TL 1 syllabi
Do an interview for Ruben Quesada
Review the submissions for the Acentos Review and accept and decline
Plan (with co-chairs) the agenda for the CCTE meeting in Spring
Prepare my conference remarks for AWP
Prepare portfolio of research for the campus task force on African American and Black faculty
Review documents for campus course evaluation task force
Review my schedule for the semester
Write 30-40 more poems for the Thesis review
Write an essay to introduce the Thesis

Look for hotels for honeymoon in May
Plan my family holiday to Italy in Summer 2017
Set up a yoga and exercise schedule
Just for fun, write a syllabus for a poetry craft course I might like to teach.
Complete the documents for the thesis

Added January 6
Send poems for Lamont Steptoe’s anthology

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