The frustration of updates … oh Apple and iPad, I love you, but you are really bringing me down.

So iPads, I love you.  I just wish that you were a little easier to deal with sometimes, especially when the wi-fi is not the strongest.

At Daraja Academy, there are a number of iPads available to the teachers.  After last week’s review of the possibilities, our IT guru, Denis, chose a few that would most be beneficial to the teachers.  With the number that they have, it would actually be easy to download an app on one and download automatically to them all, as long as they are online.  Apple makes it seemingly SO easy for one tech to service the iPads the school is using … well, unless the operating system hasn’t been updated, or there are restrictions on the devices (and no one knows the restrictions codes), or the wifi doesn’t stay consistent long enough to download the operating system (which takes from 3 to 20 hours, depending on when you look).

So, we are now doing a restore and update on the iPads (again, if we don’t keep getting booted off, we might be done by tomorrow) so that we can download a few free apps and maybe a paid one or two for educational usage.

I’m afraid to think of the process for updating the class set of iPod touches that they have here.

Once these are up and operational, though, it could be really good.

So, Apple could you not force an update just so someone can download or use apps (another problem we are dealing with)?  And developers, could you develop in a way that allows folks on older operating systems to continue to use the apps (another problem we are dealing with)?  And Apple, could you let developers actually have some flexibility with their apps so that folks wouldn’t be forced to update?

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