Researching and Reviewing Apps

So I was requested to look into apps for Meditation (for students with test anxiety) and for Geography.  Here are some that immediately came up that I’m interested in pursuing.

Apps that I want to try


Anxiety Free
I can be Fearless by Human Progress
Universal Breathing Pranayama Free
Self-Help for Anxiety Management
Take a Break!

For Geography

Atlas for iPad Free
iGIS for iPad Free
MapBox Free
UN Countrystats
World Customs and Maps (if I can get it in the US Store … right now I only see it in the iTunes UK store)

Here are some other websites for Nicholas, the Geography teacher, to obtain latitude, longitude, and elevation information:  (This one seems to do it with the greatest ease of the three I’ve reviewed).

I should totally make a rubric for my app reviews and share them on this site and my other blog.  Maybe tonight.

Also, from last night’s review, I really dig both Tynker and Hopscotch as possible beginning programming apps for the iPads.  I just need to see if both are available on the iPod touches as those are the only ones available to students.  If not, I can easily imagine an introduction to computer programming starting with Scratch (online resource and it’s free) supported with lesson plans (Josie Kirkland, a former student of mine, did amazing work in this area), with computer science introductions from Khan Academy, followed by Coursera, and then Code Academy as a resource.  All free.  Could quickly advance the skills of students.

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