Less Tech, More Quality Interaction

It’s been a little less than a week in Kenya.  I’ve learned a little Kiswahili, learned a little about Kenya, and gotten the chance to meet some really amazing young people and teachers.  These are folks TOTALLY invested in the promise of learning.  With “She believed she could … so she did” as a motto, how could you not be totally captivated by the mission.  The students come from humble beginnings, representing 33 of the 42 tribes of Kenya, and live and work in “families” as a part of very small classes.  24 students a class!  The students have their own classroom and the teachers rotate, bringing their expertise to the students with interactive lessons and problem based learning, the last particularly at work with the Form 2 students and Transition students.  They have a WISH program (Women’s Integrity Strength and Hope) program and a program that helps students transition from high school on to careers or further education.  4 students this year are going to the US to attend one year of collegiate study as part of the Community College Initiative in the States!  From the moment I came through the gates, I felt how different Daraja is, and in a week, I’ve only scratched the surface.  US Schools could learn a lot from Daraja … now if only we can get this iPad tech together so that the students have yet another resource to use.  The Apple TV I brought is poised to be beneficial as are the apps that we have identified so far.  They already have a computer class and lab.  So much happening in this beautiful place.  

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