Tasks for today

Tasks for today completed
  1. Work with Dennis around how to use the Apple TV and Nearpod.  We can do some sample lessons. (We talked through sample lesson possibilities).  
  2. Inquire with Dennis how many iPads and how many iPod touches the students have access to on campus.  This will be useful with the teachers as I begin to contextualize usage.  
  3. Demonstrate Khan Academy with Dennis and see if it might be of interest to the teachers.  
  4. Ask Anita if she would be interested in recording her presentations for the students on Educreations.  
  5. Ask Anita if I might allow me to convert her PPT presentations into Nearpod presentations, including quizzes and interactive activities.  If so, do this with her. 
  6. Demonstrate with the teachers:  
    1. perhaps a digital story done with the iPad and iMovie and a digital story from my computers; 
    2. demonstrate Nearpod; 
    3. demonstrate Khan Academy; 
    4. demonstrate Educreations and Screenchomp; (decided against Screenchomp)
    5. demonstrate Popplet; 
    6. demonstrate Notability; 
    7. maybe try Doceri today; 
    8. maybe demonstrate TeacherKit (I need to find out about the local grading system); 
    9. Demonstrate TinyScan (maybe)
    10. Demonstrate Evolutionary Biology (it has a game for survival of the fittest)
    11. Demonstrate Molecules
    12. Demonstrate Notability
I also learned about Powtoon as an animation tool after doing a brief search – a teacher wants to do animations though I have to find out for what purpose – which is very cool.

The most exciting part of today, I think, has so far been working with Anita on her presentations, recording them through Educreations and doing interactive presentations for Nearpod.  She’s got a powerful presence, even through voice, and encouraging and empowering words to say.  I think her presentations and videos will be a great resource for the Daraja girls as they think about women’s empowerment and also pursue future educational opportunities.

As for my own work as a writer, this evening I’ll be working on completing readings of the work of four Modernist Africana writers and then starting to write some poems for this new manuscript.  I have two weeks of work that I will be submitting while here in Kenya, finishing the course once I return back to the States.  Considering that the primary characters within the manuscript are women, the work will definitely be influenced by my experience here.    

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