An update on accountability

An update on my accountability list.  

While I have done a number of things outside of this list, I am pretty short on the list itself, but I also noted that I put WAY too much on a list of items that I was supposed to accomplish in less than 24 hours.  
  1. to work on refining this article that I presented last year with a co-presenter (first draft done and sent to collaborator)
  2. write a letter to Mami for the book project we are working on, (sent)
  3. write a proposal for that book project, (come on now, Raina!  This is a 3 month project, not 1 hr) 
  4. review the submissions for The Acentos Review, 
  5. email one of the submitters, 
  6. write an essay on living in the liminal, (wrote one essay and finished and submitted another one.  calling this done)
  7.  and work on a presentation I’m doing for a class at University of San Francisco on Tuesday.  
  8. It would be really great if I got to this jazz collaboration proposal that has been on my agenda for months now, (nice thought, but this is another one that’s going to take a month or so) 
  9. a proposal for funding bringing a poet on campus, 
  10. and building out my Teaching and Learning I website.  

It’s getting late and I’m trying to think what I can accomplish in a short time:
  • I can build out my Teaching and Learning website more
  • I can work on the poet proposal in the morning (that should only take 2 hours or so)
  • I can make an outline for the USF presentation and work on it as my sole agenda tomorrow.  (finished on Sunday morning though I still have resources to add to Edmodo)
  • I can read submissions and do my Acentos Review emails on Monday.  
  • I can start on this jazz collaboration proposal on Tuesday and continue that for February.
  • I can continue the letter exchange for February and work on the book project in March.  
Still all that planned and reworked, it is good to have some goals!

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