Flash Salon

So I had this idea while I was in London:  4 to 6 artists/writers rent a flat together for a week.  In that time, they go to as many open mics and gallery openings/events in their areas as possible.  This requires them to have reached out to folk before the trip.  During the day, for 4 hours at least, they devote themselves to creative work.  At other times, they might try to connect with other artists/writers or travel locally.  At three times that week, they have dinner together.  On the Thursday, they each invite an artist/writer that they met at the events that they attended or in their meetings to participate in an open salon.  8-12 people show/present work to an audience that they have recruited through social media and flyers.  The group will sell product (prints/chapbooks/books) and small food plates to audience members to cover some of the costs of the week.  The collective shares collective meal costs and lodging costs.  Transportation and other activities are done individually.

I think a nice apartment that is big enough for such a group would cost around 550-600 pounds ($940.5 to $1026).  This sounds like a lot but that’s $235.13/$156.75 to $256.5/$171 for a week’s rental apartment with a garden, near a tube stop, and with shared costs for common meals.  Now, if a person found a good deal for transportation, which is easy to find if they travel before June 1, then it makes it highly probable to get affair between $650 and $900 to London.  Shared meals I think could easily be done with $75 per person in the till.  And if there were gradual periods to get certain things, like book the apartment by a certain date, buy the airfare by a certain date, etc. folks could pay for things without having to use credit cards.  They could build it into their finances as I have built in this trip.

I think some folk are interested.  I might reach out to people in August to see if they would follow through.

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