An accounting

Saturday in Paris (these are approximates as I haven’t gone through receipts yet.  All in Euro or Pounds, depending on the location)

No transport costs (I had the carnet of 10 tickets)
22 for lunch at Cafe (duck, It was worth it)
4 for water and a sorbet at Musee Rodin
5 donation to Notre Dame
5 for magnets
14 dinner
2.20 for drink at the end of the night
12 for souvenirs

Total for Saturday:  64.20 (about $86.67)

10 Euro for ticket to airport (Charles de Gaulle from Gare du Nord)
18 Euro for lunch at Frenchy’s
25 Euro Favors for my hosts
15 Pounds for souvenirs for family
14 Pounds for Sushi
6 pounds for a cider

Today for Sunday:  53 Euro (at 1 euro=1.35 dollars) and 35 pounds (at 1 pound = 1.71 dollars) = $71.55+$59.85=$131.40

Super expensive days.  But if you are thinking about a tour, you should think about what you want to spend.  I usually don’t buy souvenirs, which would have saved me about $50.  I was ok with spoiling myself with duck, because it’s my favorite.  If I had gone alcohol-free for these two days, it would have saved me, easily, another $20-30.  Of the required expenses, I still could have done each day for about $30, if I had looked for a grocery store (turns out there was one about two blocks from my hotel … if I ever go to Paris again, I will stay at Timhotel Nation), not bought souvenirs, and gotten the Navigo card (you need ID pictures to get one) for transportation.

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