Resolution check in, just a little early

I’m trying to keep these resolutions at the forefront of my mind. 

Resolution 1: Love life with passion and dedication. Be brave and honest. Live with no regrets. Live fiery!

I’m in Vieques, doing the writing that I want and the writing that I need to do.  I’m not worrying about my figure.  I’m just wearing a bikini and sunbathing.  I drink lots of water and wine, eat rich foods, then write for hours, which is all I’ve wanted to do for weeks.  I have been terribly honest, which has hurt some feelings.  Saying goodbye is hard and it can be awful in the finality.  It can also be freeing.   

Resolution 2: Take a class in something new once a month. Cello has stuck. Let’s do capoeira and maybe modern dance or swimming! 

I went to the beach and swam into water in which I cannot stand.  I’m totally a pool person.  I like to be able to see a wall to grab, as I’ve almost drowned in sea water many times.  Once, it was water that was no higher than my knees.  I’m calling my bravery to go into deeper water than I usually like a new something.  Add that to knitting a hat for the first time. 

Resolution 3: Be the best godmother, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, etc. that I can be. I think that’s a good one to keep up.
I just talked to my godbaby today, and I think I’ve talked to most of my family in the last few days.  I’m in Vieques, and still I’m super connected.  

Resolution 4: Be healthy. Eat out twice a week at most, cook more, (the divine help me) hike, sail/kayak, swim, read more for fun, enjoy massages, etc.
I went kayaking, went for a swim, did some reading, had a massage, cooked, ate out, played video games, and have tried to be healthy even on my holiday.  So far, I am kicking this resolution’s behind. 

Resolution 5: Be the best scholar I can be by submitting at least 5 articles this year, writing a new book of poetry, promoting my 2nd book, being an active presenter, working with colleagues, editing The Acentos Review anthology and journal, etc. Develop my craft as a teacher.

So far, I’ve submitted three articles:  Critical Race Theory and Higher Education, Conjure Woman, and my Glee article.  I submitted a query for three more articles, wrote three abstracts (two for Furious Flower and one for a first year prof anthology), wrote three posts for my newsletter (Feb, March, and April done), started a fourth article on Lasallian community, set up a reading in the Mission, submitted my chapbook for review by a press and that was received well, and did some more planning.  I am doing well on this one. 
Resolution 6: After August 1 (yes, I’m booked until then, and I know that’s ridiculous), commit to being in this place (as in California) rather than traveling all over the country and world.
I’m still having trouble with this.  Right now, I’m setting up readings for myself in Ireland through August 2.  I really am going to settle down after August 2 … except for Furious Flower, Dodge, and Asilomar.  No other conferences in 2014. 

Resolution 7: Find and cultivate a home. Grow roots.

I’m stalled on this until I get back to the mainland and possibly through much of the Spring.  I am busy through April, but maybe I’ll be surprised. 

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