Day 7: Starting the day with reviews

Today, I received back the articles that I put for review by my favorite editor.
On the agenda for today:

  1. Make the article changes and submit them for review by journals.
    1. The bullying article.  
      1. Submitted to TEQ
    2. The Nearpod How-To.  
      1. Queried Learning and Leading L & L, ISTE for this article and two other ideas.
  2. Work on the critical literacy and poetry article. 
  3. Write two newsletter posts (getting knocked down and finding a publisher).  
    1. Finished those for Feb and March
  4. Set up some of the final details for the Red Poppy event. 
  5. Look for some venues and propose some readings for May as I will be in town.  
  6. Read for The Acentos Review. 
  7. Follow-up on the Dublin reading possibilities.  Look at Kevin’s list of events to see about going to Dublin and maybe London while I am there.  
  8. Reach out to my DoDEA folk about the upcoming County Clare and Cork readings
    1. Reached out via Facebook
  9. I have a CESJ SIG meeting today on Google Hangout to plan an event in Philadelphia.  
    1. Bandwidth in Vieques would not allow it.

We will see how far I get! 

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