Days 4-5: January 21 and 22

What have I done in the past few days?  The days so easily blend together. 
January 21, Tuesday.  I spent much of the day writing and relaxing.  After waking late, I went to the local pub to hang out with one of the local characters, a long time resident of the  island.  It was in the evening that I really got motivated with my writing. 

  1. I wrote a letter for students to get support by their administrators to send teachers to the incredible conference at Asilomar sponsored by the Curriculum Study Commission. 
  2. I wrote to get the bio of a colleague to add to an event that we are doing at City Lights in April. 
  3. I also reached out to a colleague to set up an introductory meeting with a future colleague.  I have been called to serve on the board of a local school.  Because this semester is already booked out, I respectfully asked to delay consideration until the fall as I will be traveling during many of the meeting times in the Spring.  I did not want to commit to board participation and not be able to fully participate. 
  4. I also completed the institutionally required narrative to complete my commitment to the Tech professional development opportunity.  
  5. I sent a recommendation to a former student as she engages in her job search.  

It wasn’t until I wrote my accomplishments in this format that I felt good about all that I had accomplished in one day.

Today, I worked on a number of projects: 

  1. I completed my letters for my former students, producing them in PDF format, signed and sent through a digital format.  
  2. I also worked on an article with another colleague on our experience in Sri Lanka learning from the communal teaching and learning exchange with the Christian Brothers there.  
  3. I sent out some refined Furious Flower proposals to the different participants.  I am proposing two panels and one collective reading.   I have been working through the day with the participants.  
  4. I sent required information for an upcoming reading through the Hazel Reading Series.  
  5. I worked on an upcoming reading at the Red Poppy Art House in the Mission of San Francisco that promises to be really exciting. Fish Vargas and Bonafide Rojas are already committed.  I am currently reaching out to a fourth reader. 
  6. I reached out to see about setting up a poetry reading overseas.  
  7. I started the process of submitting a manuscript for a chapbook review with Inkshares.  
  8. I corresponded with a good friend about a trip to Australia and book tour there.  
  9. I corresponded my RA about her events for the hall through March.  
  10. I reached out to some School of Education colleagues about visits to my classroom and an upcoming class that I am interested in teaching.  
  11. I nailed down co-sponsorship for an event that I am planning for April.  
  12. I reached out to a campus organization to see if they might fund the books for a book group that I lead.  
  13. I tried to support a colleague with a writing proficiency exam (all of the dates are already booked on my calendar). 
  14. I also confirmed with a colleague that a teacher candidate has fulfilled the requirements for graduation.   

It has been a busy day.  No wonder I didn’t make it to the beach today.  

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