Day 6: I deserve sushi

So, tonight Ian and I are going out for sushi.  Most likely it will not be good.  All the fish that comes into the island is flash frozen, thawed, and then served.  This does not sound like the makings of good sushi, but a long time ago that was an us thing, so we are going out to have some. 

And I deserve sushi.  Today, I made the changes to a long in the works article and submitted it for consideration.  “Conjure woman” has been on the back burner for a while now. I’m hoping that it gets picked up as it is directly related to an upcoming presentation that my mother and I will do for the American Society on Aging.  She wants to go presentation-style, and right now, I’m starting to think more interactive.  Let’s bring in some of the home remedies that folk use and teach some social workers about their use … but I’m feeling a little energetic having so much work under my belt.  
Just yesterday I was so proud of the output that I told another friend that I would stop my house search and, instead, plan on going to Australia to do some poetry readings there.  It’s a part of my nature to make drastic changes and to jump at just the idea of travel.  I blame it on my grandfather, the Merchant Marine, who was 6 months on sea and 6 months waiting to get back.  

But back to the writing.

In addition to finishing and submitting “Conjure Woman”, I wrote an article about teachers as writers.  I found a journal that I think would be right for it, but it requires submission via mail.  I don’t have a printer here, so it will have to wait until I get back.  I also finished this article on the use of one app in classrooms, the how and why.  I sent that to my mother to review.  She’s not a techie, so if she can understand it, then I’ll be in a good place to submit it to an edtech journal. 

Next I really need to work on the monster, the letters as inquiry article that has been haunting me for years, but I am afraid that if I devote the time it needs – at least 2 days of focused, 8-10 hours per day, attention – that I won’t get to the other, less strenuous work.  If I can knock out a few newsletter posts, a critical literacy article (there’s a call for critlit and poetry, which I am all about), and do some reviewing as a professional reviewer and as editor for The Acentos Review, I will be in a very good place to start this semester.  The ideal situation would be to get some poetry in, too, since this is THE PERFECT PLACE for relaxed work. 

Maybe I’ll take on the critical literacy article tonight, get it feeling like it’s in a good place, finish it tomorrow, and then go snorkeling.  I haven’t been snorkeling since I was young and fearless, which was a very long time ago. 

Tonight, I’m going to have sushi and then I’m going to do more writing. 

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