Upcoming writing projects

In the next few weeks, I have to work on the following:

  1. a few lesson plans for Boogeyman Dawn;
  2. an article on teacher education and social justice with colleague, Dr. Cliff Lee;
  3. refining my Glee/bullying article;
  4. an article on critical literacy and poetry (from dissertation research); 
  5. an essay on Franz Fanon, critical pedagogy and ARISE High School;
  6. refining an essay on critical literacy and poetry;
  7. an oped on edtech (iPads in the classroom);
  8. refining letters as inquiry article with my mother (it was accepted for AERA); 
  9. writing an article on becoming a part of a Lasallian community with colleague, Dr. Liz Hamm; 
  10. a proposal for Furious Flower on CAAWC;
  11. a new chapbook of poetry; 
  12. reviewing The Acentos Review submissions for the February 15, 2014 issue; 
  13. my fourth year review narrative in response to the third year review comments from Rank and Tenure; 
  14. and a NOAA grant for the Center for Environmental Literacy on building community. 

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