My ideal home

Let’s dream big. 

My ideal home has two bedrooms, hardwood floors, large windows, vintage flair in the fixtures (faucets and large tub) and modern amenities (high quality kitchen, electric heat).  There is at least one long, uninterrupted wall where I can place my large bookshelves.  There are two wardrobe closets.  In the bathroom, there is a large tub, and the hot water heater can sustain warmth enough to fill a bath.  The house is either two floors or my home is in a condo above the second floor.  High walk score with nearby inexpensive restaurants, cafes and neighborhood pubs.  There is outdoor space (a balcony, a small year, or a deck).  This is a view of water or city lights.  The windows are double paned so that outside noise does not disrupt my sleep.  It is near public transportation.  Parking is on-site and included in the price.  I can afford it.  The community is collaborative and social justice oriented.  The neighbors keep the neighborhood clean and help one another.  The home is nearby trails or community walks.  The neighborhood is diverse in languages, ethnicities, and represented backgrounds. 

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