Resolution draft 2014

Resolution 1: Love life with passion and dedication. Be brave and honest. Live with no regrets. Live fiery!

Resolution 2: Take a class in something new once a month. Cello has stuck. Let’s do capoeira and maybe modern dance or swimming!

Resolution 3: Be the best godmother, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, etc. that I can be. I think that’s a good one to keep up.

Resolution 4: Be healthy. Eat out twice a week at most, cook more, (the divine help me) hike, sail/kayak, swim, read more for fun, enjoy massages, etc.

Resolution 5: Be the best scholar I can be by submitting at least 5 articles this year, writing a new book of poetry, promoting my 2nd book, being an active presenter, working with colleagues, editing The Acentos Review anthology and journal, etc. Develop my craft as a teacher.

Resolution 6: After August 1 (yes, I’m booked until then, and I know that’s ridiculous), commit to being in this place (as in California) rather than traveling all over the country and world.

Resolution 7: Find and cultivate a home. Grow roots.

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