Building tonight’s set: A reading at Red Poppy Art House to open for Thomas Sayers Ellis and James Brandon Lewis

Tonight will be the first night that I read only (with the exception of only one poem) from Boogeyman Dawn.  I am trying to create a musical set, one which can play into the work of Thomas and James who will be unifying their collective arts this evening at Red Poppy. 

How does one open for geniuses? 

This is the set that I am considering.  I have left myself some openings for rearranging things and shifting some of the works.  We will see how this goes.

1        A lyric from “Piece of Clay”
1         The disappearance of fireflies
2.5      On the football field
2         All around, he’s there
3         Strands (Canticle of Idols)
2         The rising
4         Surviving the burn
2         Sisterly advice (maybe not)
1          Lately I’ve grown accustomed
2.5      The pistol’s confession
2          Rule number 5

2          Pillow letter
4          Bob:  Extinguish the flame
2.5       An owl questions with a human face (maybe not)
1.5       Wishing tree (maybe not)
1.5       Little swift

More on this later.  Off to my daily meetings. 

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