When it is too hot, go to the beach

Last night’s concert, I learned today, went into the day, ending at around 1am. The other guests from the UK continued their partying until 5am. It was not until around 7am that I left bed. These nights I generally get up twice in the evening, somewhere around 2/3am and then again at 5am. Usually, because the air conditioning has made it too cold in the room and then again at 5am, because I am too hot and have to turn on the air conditioning. Today was no different, but I forced myself to stay in bed until 7. It is Saturday, after all.

Until 10am, I puttered around: did some laundry, reorganized, bathed (years ago, while in Jamaica, I learned how to cleanse my body and hair using about two pints of water. Let’s just say the skill has come in handy here), combed through my hair (definitely a challenge today), dressed for the beach, realized that my swimsuit is too racy and dressed again, and then it was off to breakfast. I happened to catch Sister to say goodbye as she was heading to Colombo and then on to Ireland, where she is posted as a missionary. Sad to see her go.

Breakfast of rice-derived string hoppers. I will have to take a picture of them. String hoppers, a fried egg, and dahl do a body good. Thankfully, the piece of cake that I had yesterday has only slightly tortured me today. Wheat consumption can send me to the hospital, where I don’t want to go in a foreign country. I’m happy I only took a bite last night.

After a very relaxing breakfast, I played a game with the wireless: where can Raina sit to get a signal, any signal. I tried the living room, the TV room, the garden, and finally in front of the Brother’s room where the router is located. Luckily, he has a seat out in front of his room. I got to talk to my man for over a half hour. It was fantastic! Of course, as soon as I set up Google Hangouts with its plugin the power went out. No electricity, no power for the router, no conversations with my love. I took it as a sign to get my bag for the trip to beach. Liz and I went with Brother Nelson, Douglas (one of the supervisors for the Hostel), and the UK group.

It was such great fun wading and swimming in the Indian Ocean, playing games with the group, chatting, taking in the sun. While the ocean was beautiful, the beach itself was not. Once I can upload pictures I will. The Brothers are thinking of putting a hotel on the property and with that beach access, it is a great idea. It seems that houses can be built in no time here. I suppose it would be the same for a hotel. They also have boys who could staff it, being a natural progression for those boys who have finished their training in hotel management at the Boys Town in Nuwara Eliya. There would have to be a lot of cleanup of the beach, though.

It was a lovely time and I have plenty of pictures from it. The day ended with a lunch, a rest, going to see the students playing Macbeth and some advice on their drama and the difference between stage and film acting (they had just seen the movie), dinner, and starting this journal. Lovely day.


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