The first night in Colombo

St. Anthony is a very popular saint, we learned on the drive in to the Brothers Provinciate. The largest statue in the world of St. Anthony exists here. It was so much a part of the street, even lit up in what to me seemed similar to Christmas lights, that Liz and I almost missed it as Brother Denzil pointed it out in passing.

The Brothers property in Colombo is right by the sea. I can hear the waves rolling in and out from my room. Liz and I were given separate rooms, each with its own bathroom, a desk and chair, a little fridge, some snacks, a raised futon-style bed. Her room has an air conditioning unit. Mine has a fan, balcony and view. I’ll take this blessing, although I say that now. It’s 2 am here and cool.

When we arrived at around 11:30am, it was still hot and humid, not as thick as Philadelphia or Jamaica in the summer. I can only imagine what it will be in the daytime. As much as I once loved that kind of weather, I haven’t experienced it in quite a while. I pray that I can tolerate the heat.

Upon settling into my room, I took the shower that I so wanted and needed. After 36 hours of travel, I was ready to scrub the film of travel off of me. Of course, upon raising my skirt just an inch to take off my shoes, I realized that I had already been bitten several times by mosquitoes. I guess that’s why I am taking the anti-malaria pills. I also broke out the heavy duty insect repellant and sprayed the mosquito netting over the bed, bed sheets, and me with it. I should be good for a while, but it is a worry for me, because I have always been especially tasty to mosquitoes. The first time I returned from Jamaica when I was 16, I had lost so much weight, tanned so much, and been covered by mosquitoes from head to toe. My own mother and brother did not recognize me when I arrived at the airport. I’m now 32, double the age that I was then I just realized. I could do with losing a few pounds, getting some color, but I will pass on the mosquitoes. I have no desire to be a feast for them. Even typing this has me thinking about doing an extra spray of the repellant, but it has some extreme amount of DEET in it. Considering how sensitive I am to everything, I will pass … tonight.

Tomorrow, we start to learn about the Brother’s work. I am excited. I also realize that I said breakfast at 10. To bed, to bed I go.


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