From the window of my room

This is the view from my window.

The picture does not accurately capture the light, the colors of the water, the sounds of it rushing in and out. It is a beautiful place. Perhaps a little of paradise.

At 11:30 this morning, Liz and I are scheduled to visit the first of the schools here. Each one has over 1000 students. The majority are high schools. Those here in Colombo are. The brothers operate 9 schools in Sri Lanka, 2 are semi-government schools and 7 are government schools. They just recently opened a private primary school for grades 1-3 in the North, but most of their work has been with middle and high school aged children. I also learned that there are 15 students studying to become Brothers here. There are also 54 Christian Brothers in all of Sri Lanka. At least 9 of them are principals of the schools. All, it seems, are charged with the work of educating the young and the poor, as St. Jean Baptiste De La Salle charged in his founding of the Christian Brothers.

I am thinking of how I might help the Brothers in their work. Perhaps it is in doing some digital storytelling of my own. Maybe there could be some filming of the students talking about what school means to them, why it is important? I have the equipment to do this work. It wouldn’t be of the highest quality. I didn’t come with a camera crew or anything, but as far as the basic technical requirements, I have enough to produce a short digital story, maybe something for Youtube. I am thinking on it.

I am a teacher first, but I could also be a filmmaker, right? You’ve seen a picture of what I see from my window. What might the benefit be of seeing what I see of the Brothers in their work?


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