Passing the hours in Hong Kong

Reading, chatting, playing Uno, walking around, window shopping, eating, writing. These are the ways that I have passed the time with Liz in Hong Kong. Outside, the rain ended sometime during the day. It is a cloudy day now, and I wonder what it would have been like to have spent these hours in Hong Kong. Still, I am glad that Liz and I made the decision to stay inside. My body has not been behaving, unhappy with all the change. It wants the normal routines. It wants me to not lug so much with me. It wants me to take a nap … but the world is out there. There are clouds to cut with an airplane’s wing. There is dust that wishes to embrace the curve of my foot lovingly. There are new faces to learn, new languages and laughter to hear, experiences to be shared, learning to occur. And I am a part of all of that. What a magical gift this life! If only my body had more magic within it.

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