Upcoming Workload

This threatens to be the most extreme academic year yet:


MAIT 401           1 unit
Introduction to Inquiry
SSTE 215          3 units
Foundations of Secondary Education
SSTE 346          3 units
Teaching and Learning I
River of Words   3 units
Course Release to work with the Center for Environmental Literacy
SSTE 254          1 unit
Foundations of Adolescent Literacy
SSTE 356          4 units
Teaching and Learning II
Seminar I            3 units
First-year seminar course
This will mean that I will have June 23 – August 15 or so off this summer.  Of that time, I am already going to Philadelphia for a week, Sri Lanka for the Vandu Paaru program for three weeks, and DC for a week.  Once I return, I will have to immediately plan for Foundations of Secondary Education, which will be subject to significant revisions.  I will be teaching 6 different courses, no repetitions in preps.  Two of those will be new courses.  I haven’t had a year yet that I haven’t taught a new course, if not several.  My first year, of course, all of my courses were new.  In my second year, I taught the MAIT 404 Capstone course and then the Foundations of Adolescent Literacy course.  
At least, I am not serving on as many committees.  

I am supposed to be cutting back.  I am not doing well on that.  

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